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Why You Should Choose Handmade Soap Over Commercial Soap

I bet you can’t guess that I love using handmade soap.  My motto is to practice a little bit of self care every day by using those pretty bars of soap.  But, it goes deeper than just the suds and pretty soaps for me as to why I feel so strongly about using handmade soap.  


First, let’s look at the differences between commercial and hand made soap.  Commercial soaps are those that are mass produced for the retail industry.  Many of these products are labeled as “cleanser,” “beauty bar,” “skincare bar,” or “body wash.”  These are actually detergent based products and are not a true soap.  Go ahead and the next time you are at a market grab a bar from the shelf and look at it closely to see first what it’s labeled as and secondly what the ingredients it contains.   For example, here are two ingredients from a popular company’s body wash that advertises themselves as a natural company, lauryl glucoside and decyl glucoside.  Laurel glucoside is a surfactant that is used in bath and body products and laundry products.  I’m sorry, I don’t want to wash myself with an ingredient that I use to wash my laundry with.  The other ingredient decyl glucoside is a mild surfactant but according to the EWG’s site it scores a moderate for allergies and immunotoxity.  


Handmade Soaps are skillfully crafted using oils such as olive oil, castor oil, and coconut oil and butters such as shea or cocoa butter to create a product that is nourishing and moisturizing to your skin.  One of the key by products of handmade soap is glycerin.  Glycerin is a beautiful by product of handmade soaps that actually attracts and locks moisture into your skin.  Handmade soaps are labeled as soap, you will not find any ambiguous wording as to what they may be.  They will be labeled as a bar soap.  

Handmade soaps do not use preservatives.  I know this means they will generally have a shorter shelf life than other soap products but are soap products that can sit on your shelf for 2 or 3 years really that good for your skin? 


Natural soaps are also considered eco friendly as they don’t contain harmful poisons or toxins.  Natural soap bars break down easier in the environment after use and don’t cause harm to the water cycle or to the wildlife that shares the local eco system.  This is a topic that we will dive deeper into at a later date :)


Using a handmade bar of soap is one of the easiest ways to make a healthy choice for your skin, and our environment.  It is also a great way to practice a little bit of self care for yourself.  And let's be honest, as women who give so much of ourselves to others a little bit of self care each day may be just the little bit of fuel we need to allow us to face the next day with our emotional battery fully charged ready to give once again :) If you are looking for some pretty soaps check out this link here

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  

Until we talk again, use the pretty soaps <3

Your Favorite Soaper Leah

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