• Love the Soap!

    The scents are wonderful! Bayberry and the Honey Soap are my favorites! Leah is awesome and she ships the out super fast! ~S

  • I LOVE her homemade Soaps!

    I love her lip butters, lotions, and especially her wax melts! The smell lasts for days! Amazing ingredients and the best customer service! I strongly recommend her products. ~B

  • Products Are Amazing!

    I love the ingredients and the scents!! ~D

Lil Daisy Soaps Story...

The Story Behind Our Name...

The tale of Lil Daisy Soaps is a heartwarming one, born from the story of two special little dogs, Lily and Daisy. Lily, a rescue pup from the Carolinas, and Daisy, a special needs four-legged companion, inspired the name of this soapy adventure.

The Happy Soapmaker

From Veterinary Medicine to Soap Crafting: A Love Affair

After dedicating years to the field of veterinary medicine, I never imagined I'd find another job that I love as much as making soap. It brings me so much joy to know that our handmade products not only nourish your skin but also brighten your day.

Natural Soap: Coconut Milk Lemon Lavender & Turmeric Lil Daisy Soaps  Handmade Soap

Experience Goat Milk Soaps with a Unique Twist

We know you might be wondering how many ways there are to make goat's milk soap. At Lil Daisy Soaps, we take pride in doing things differently. Our soaps are crafted with goat milk or coconut milk, and enriched with Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, or Mango Butter for a truly luxurious feel. We call them milk and butter soaps, and we invite you to try them out for yourself.

  • Hand Made

    When creating my products, I promise to infuse them with a personal, handmade touch. From molding and shaping to decorating and packing, each item is crafted with care.

  • Commitment to Quality: Using Natural Ingredients in Our Products

    I prioritize the use of natural, high-quality ingredients in all our product formulations. For example, I use locally sourced goat's milk and organic shea butter in our soaps. Additionally, I only use essential oils that have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee their quality and purity.

  • Providing You with the Best Shipping Options

    We understand that you are eager to receive your products as soon as possible after placing your order. That's why we offer the fastest and most cost-efficient shipping options available, ensuring that you get your order promptly and without breaking the bank.