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Choosing the Best Ingredients to Make All Natural Wax Melts


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The choice of how your wax melts are made is so important to your home's environment and also to what you are exposing yourself, your family and your pets too.  Wax Melts are basically composed of three ingredients.   Some form of a wax, a fragrance, and possibly a color.  But the choice of ingredients and the commitment to using the best quality is so important when handcrafting wax melts.  Let's take a deeper look at the ingredients in Daisy Farmhouse Wax melts and the importance of the choices that I made.  

The obvious ingredient of a melt is wax.  But the choice of a wax is crucial.  Certain types of waxes do give off small amounts of chemicals when melting.  Natural waxes such as soy, rapeseed, coconut, and beeswax are the best choices as they burn cleanly with out the risk of indoor air pollution.  

Wax used to make Daisy Farmhouse Stand Wax Melts

Many times these waxes may be blended to create a better blend as some waxes are too soft to be used by themselves.  At Daisy Farmhouse Stand our choice of waxes is to use only clean burning waxes.  Clean burning waxes are not going to have the health concerns that can be associated with other waxes such as aggravating bronchitis, asthma, and other respiratory issues.  Also, non clean burning waxes can generate soot.  Soot can build up on your walls, ceiling and fabrics in your home.  Soot is also an issue in that it can enter your blood stream and can trigger health issues such as strokes, heart attacks and has been linked to certain types of cancers. 

The next ingredient of a wax melt is the fragrance.  Fragrance is what makes your home smell comfy, cozy and inviting.  There are so many choices of fragrances available but the biggest choice is the commitment to choose clean scents.  

All natural, phthalate free fragrances used in Daisy Farmhouse Stand Wax melts and Handcrafted soaps

Clean scents are fragrances that do not contain carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, or acute toxins.  Whew...when I first started my research to create the best, all natural products it was a real eye opener for me just what was permissible in some fragrances.  My commitment has always and will remain to use only fragrances that are clean, phthalate free, and many times I am creating my own combinations with essential oils to produce a fragrance that smells great and will always produce a non toxic fragrance release.  

Lastly, the color of the melts.  I love the colors of my wax melts. They are in my opinion what make the melts perfect.  The little cherry on top.  True confession, I originally wasn't going to add color to my melts but it was Mr. Meyers who suggested that I consider coloring the melts that I would be producing.

Colors used to make Daisy Farmhouse Stand Wax Melts

 I am so happy that he made this suggestion.  But with that suggestion started the research to find the best colors.  Colors that were clean and non hazardous.  I finally settled on colors and dyes that are skin safe that have no warnings on them that are equivalent to the colors used in crayons and can be handled with out worry whether in the processing phase or when you touch them to place in your burner.  


If you have any further questions on anything in this article please leave a comment below or message me.  I love to talk further about anything related to wax melts.  I love those little pieces of wax so much and love making them and the joy they bring to others. 

With Love Leah



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