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What Are Wax Melts & Why Should I Use Them?

What Are Wax Melts? 

A wax melt is a scented piece of wax like what is in a candle jar but with out the wick.  Wax Melts come in a variety of packages.  There are clam shell packages  named because of how they open.  Clam Shells generally contain six cubes or bars of wax that you can break apart and use.  Another packaging option are pods.  With pods you can use the whole pod (which I recommend) or cut the pod in quarters.  Another option for wax melts are molded melts which are my absolute favorite.  You will find many hand crafted melts shaped like hearts, stars, or seasonal favorites.  Wax melts also come in a variety of colors and can be marbled or tie dyed for effect.  

Why Would You Choose a Wax Melt Over a Candle? 
There are a variety of reasons for choosing a wax melt over a candle.  First, a wax melt is flame free.  If you have littles in your home or if your like me and have a rowdy German Shepherd the possibility of a candle being knocked or bumped accidentally is very high.  
With a wax melt there is no open flame to worry about.
Wax melts are soot free.  There is no flame burning to create soot on any surface in your home.  No soot to breath either which is a huge benefit. 
Wax Melts are easy and convenient to use.  They are generally allowed in offices and apartments where candles are not due to the open flame.  They are convenient due to their compact storage and no need for matches or lighters. 
I love that you can control the strength of your scent.  Wax melts are seriously little power houses of fragrance.  For example, a candle generally holds a fragrance load of about 10%, wax melts depending on the type of wax used can handle fragrance loads between 12% up to 18%.   You can control the amount of fragrance being released into your home by the number of melts you place into your burner.  
So, How Do You Use a Wax Melt? 
First, you need to have either an electric wax melter or a tea light heated burner.  My preference is an electric melter due to the fact that once again there is no flame.  With a tea light heated burner you need to use a small tea light candle to heat the wax melt.  Remove your wax melt from the package and place it in the dish on top of the electric burner.  Turn your burner on and enjoy the comfy, cozy scent in your home. 
If you have any questions about wax melts ask them below or send me a message.  I love to answer any questions you may have.  In the meantime, keep enjoying the wonderful scents in your homes. 
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