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November at the Farmhouse

On Being Busy

It is so hard to believe as this unprecedented year is winding down and that the holiday season is bearing down upon us.  It seems for me that no matter how hard I resolve at the start of the season to mentally say "I am going to slow down and enjoy each moment, I feel by the time January rolls in that I never achieved my goal."  If your reading this please just tell me if you feel the same? 

 I know that we are all likely in the very thickest part of our lives - raising young kids, husbands with careers that are still rising, and us with our own very big goals and dreams. We’re trying to do it all, all at once, and sometimes it feels like it’s all happening at an impossible pace. We can’t keep going on like this, can we?

This theme of being so overwhelmingly busy is one I see popping up everywhere. I can’t think of a single person I know who isn’t juggling ten things at once. It seems to be something we are all doing, all the time. And each year it just seems like more and more is piled on us.

But at some point, I know we’re going to break. I know I’m going to break. Something has to give, eventually.

I think the universe must know this, too. I’ve seen a number of quotes pop up on Facebook lately dealing with the “too busy” thing. Almost all of them seem to have some sense of shame or guilt associated with them. Or maybe that’s my own shame and guilt coming out for being so busy in the first place. I don’t think any of us mean to be so busy. I think that life in the 21st century is just full of many things that weren’t there in the past. And I think we are all just doing our best, trying to live a full life and give as much to those we love as we can.

I don’t know how to solve our busy-ness problem. All I know is that I want to give as much as I can to my kids, my family, and to my community. I want to have some semblance of a work/life balance.  I want to support my husband in his goals, just as he supports me in mine. And I want time for my friends, my health, and my sanity. But I don’t need to go 0 to 60 on each of those things. I can extend myself more grace, and let some things go. I can say no because when I do so, I make room for the things that matter most.

If happiness is managing your expectations, then I think the solution to being too busy is acknowledging those expectations in the first place.

And just in case you needed that little reminder today, I wanted to tell you that, too. For as busy as we all are, we still need each other. You’re part of my village, my tribe, my community. And if you are feeling overwhelmed and so very busy, maybe this message finding you today is the universe’s way of reminding you to take a step back and remember that you don’t actually have to do all the things.

With Love Leah

Looking Ahead at the Farmhouse

As the holidays are fast approaching I do have so much to share with you to hopefully make your lives a little easier.  First of off, I will be releasing the winter scents starting the beginning of November.  As you are preparing for your holiday shopping lists I do have gift baskets available, and also gift cards.  Just briefly these are gorgeous.  I have baskets with warmers and melts, I will have baskets with just melts, or I am always willing to customize to your vision.  I will also have something really exciting to announce for Small Business Saturday.  

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You wrote beautiful thoughts in your blog. Today, I needed to read your blog. I appreciate your comment about “0 to 60” I promise not to put expectations on
Myself. I don’t need to be perfect…I need to be me! Which free’s my spirit. Thank you Leah.


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