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I See You, Mama

Hey, you there mama, I see You.  I know you are the heart and soul of your home.  I know you are so often questioning and worrying so much about what you do, even when you know it’s the right thing.  Decisions like choosing to eat organic or not.  Making choices about the products that you use whether they contain SLS or SLES, parabens, are they all natural or not.  

Mother holding Child


I see you.  And you are doing an amazing job.  


You're making them eat their veggies, choosing the best options for what they put on their little bodies, and making time for the things that really matter - hugs, kisses, and time spent simply together.  

Toddle with Calf


I know how late you stay up at night, worrying about all the things, I know this, because I do too.  


Your choices may be different than mine, but we both get there from the same place.  The place of simply wanting what’s best for the one’s we love.  

Parents loving Child


Because isn’t that really what it all comes down to? Just wanting the best for the people we love best? When I think about it like that, those ridiculously tiny and impossibly big decisions don’t seem quite so big anymore.  They almost seem natural.  Like the thing I was born to do.  


So the next time you worry, or question your decisions, or are tempted to look to someone else for the answers that are already in your heart, remember this: 


I’m there, we are all there, You are not alone in these struggles.  And we totally got this. 

With Love, Leah



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