Four Ways to Pamper Yourself Each Day

Four Ways to Pamper Yourself Each Day

Four Ways to Pamper Yourself Each Day Blog Post

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  We all have heard the phrase, but if you're like me you keep pushing to see just how far you can “keep squeezing that lemon.” (I just heard that saying tonight and thought it was so fitting to use at this point.)  But I think you all understand what I am saying here.  

As women, I feel we really do try to keep giving at times when we should have said maybe 5 steps back, “I need a moment to refill my cup before I have more to give.” It’s been a lesson that I have tried to learn and I am many times brought back to the blackboard to relearn the lesson again.   

One small thing that has helped me to fill my cup a little bit each day is to try and find something that helps to add back to that cup daily.  This can look different for each and everyone of us.  Honestly, it doesn’t have to be something big, it can be a very small, deliberate choice where you consciously choose you and do something for you.   

I have listed below four of my favorites that I have found that make me feel a little bit like I am pampering myself each day.    

My first favorite way to do a little self pampering is to throw on an oversized, plush sweater, maybe a pair of fluffy socks, or just a pair of the comfiest clothes I can find and be cozy in them.  I know it doesn’t seem like much but trust me the simple act of a comfy, cozy sweater at the end of a stressful day just makes you feel like you are surrounded in a hug.  

Pamper yourself a little bit at the end of the day by making a cup of tea or maybe some hot cocoa.   Have a special cup that you make your favorite tea in and enjoy your tea.  And here’s a simple thought, when you go to sip your tea or hot cocoa wrap both your hands around your cup.  It will encourage you to be present in the moment to enjoy the simple act of sipping your beverage.  I am linking an article here for you to read further about the beauty of just sipping a beverage with both hands wrapped around your cup. 

Show yourself some self care with a warm cup of tea. 

Of course, I highly recommend pampering yourself by creating an at home spa experience in your bathroom.  I enjoy pampering myself with an at home spa moment by using one of my favorite farmhouse soaps especially those pretty bars that I make.  The few minutes I have for a quick shower and using that fancy bar of soap just make me feel a little bit spoiled, and let's be honest who doesn't need to feel a little spoiled now and then?   If I have some extra time, I love to use one of our bath bombs, or sprinkle a handful of our Dead Sea Soaking Salts into the tub. Those little choices to make a deliberate choice to choose a moment to pamper myself brings me just a small amount of pleasure, and ready to embrace my day with a clearer and better mind set.   

Tell me in the comments ways that you pamper yourself.  Pampering choices can look different from one person to the next and your thoughts may spark an idea for someone else. I look forward to hearing about them.  

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