30 Minutes to Better Mental Health

30 Minutes to Better Mental Health

Taking 30 minutes each day can help you have better mental health.

Is there magic in a 30 minute activity that it will improve your mental health and have a positive effect on your body's overall wellbeing? 

Spoiler Alert....the answer is YES!!! But before we jump into some easy 30 minute activities you can do to improve your mental health let's explore a little background information on the subject.  Just as a disclaimer, I am not a mental health expert, I am just someone like many of you who deals with everyday stresses and anxieties and searches for ways to deal with them. 

So often we focus on nourishing our bodies and our skin but we fail to focus on our mental well being.  There are three components to our mental health which includes our emotional, psychological and social well being as per the CDC.

According to an article published by Very Well Mind some of the benefits of good mental health can include a better self image, healthier relationships, and a higher quality of life.

So, lets dive in and explore a few 30 minute activities you can do each day to nourish your mental health.  

Don’t overlook the importance of a quick reconnect with a friend or loved one. Grab your phone, dial them up and have a chat.  If you have the extra time meet a friend for a quick cup of coffee and just enjoy the art of conversation and seeing  a loved one.  In fact a recent study supports this.  A study conducted at the University of Kansas showed that one meaningful conversation a day between friends increased the participants end of the day well being score.  It lead the one researcher to say,

Mental Health Quote


 Enjoying the outdoors and all the beauty that it nature provides is a wonderful way to nourish our mental health.  Whether you enjoy a quick walk with your best friend, garden, or just enjoy sitting on your deck and reading a book take 30 minutes to enjoy the sunshine and recharge your battery.  Just don’t forget to apply your sunscreen. 

Unplug and remove yourself from your electronic devices.  Disconnect from your phone screen, your computer screen, or your TV screen for 30 minutes and allow yourself to recharge.  If you would like to read more about the benefits of disconnecting from your electronic devices and the benefits to your mental health check out this article.

It has been said that music soothes the soul.  Listening to music has been shown to increase oxytocin and serotonin levels in your brain.  Give your mental health a boost and listen to your favorite tunes. 

Listening to Music for Mental Health

If you feel down, depressed, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed most days consider seeking professional help.  Mental health professionals are kind and compassionate and willing to help you navigate thru whatever is bothering you. I am including the link to the National Mental Health Hotline for professional resources if you are searching for them.  

If you have any other ideas to add to this list please leave them in the comments, or if you tried any of the ideas from this list leave your thoughts in the comments as well.  Thank you for taking the time to read thru these thoughts and til we meet again…Your friend Leah

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