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3 Easy Spring Tips from the Farmhouse

Spring tips at Daisy Farmhouse Stand

I can't help myself the first hint of some warm days and my mind and body starts to think of spring.  So you can imagine this week when we have had a few days of weather in the 50's my mind is racing to thoughts of spring.  I've had windows open and clothes on the line all in anticipation for those wonderful days of warmer weather.  It doesn't hurt that I am also in the process of preparing spring wax melt fragrances (hint hint) so I am really thinking all things spring this week.  

One of the first spring checkups I like to recommend is to check and clean your wax melt burner trays.  Now is a great time to prepare your burners for all the yummy florals, coconuts. and lemony scents that are going to be released for spring.  Clean the wax melt burner tray of any residual wax either inside or that may have dripped along the edges or underneath.  

Wax Melt Burner with wax tart

Now is also a great time to inspect the wax dish while it is empty.  It is not uncommon for the glaze to appear crackled but check the dish carefully for any cracks or chips.  Check the underside of the dish as well to ensure there are no visible cracks.  

I like to check my cosmetics in the spring as well.  Twice a year is a great time to just go through my cosmetic bag and check the time that I have had items and replace those that may be due to be updated.  Mascara(s) have a pretty short lifespan and should be replaced about every three months.  Other cosmetic products can vary and for further information this article has some great tips for you.  

Daisy Farmhouse Stand when I switch my cosmetics

Lastly, spring is a great time to check your soap supplies.  Toss any of those small soap pieces that may be hanging around.  Check your loofahs, soap savers, and exfoliating gloves or brushes.  The recommendation for many of these products is to replace them every 4 to 8 weeks as they can harbor bacteria.  But if you are like me time just slips away and next thing I know weeks and months have gone by.  I like to make sure I replace any product that is removing dead skin cells or surrounded by moisture on a constant basis where it can grow bacteria or fungus at least every 6 months.  If you would like to read more on this subject this is a great article that breaks down by shower tool when to replace an item.  

Daisy Farmhouse Stand Shower Tools

if you have any other spring tips I would love to hear them.  Drop your comments below I love finding out new ways to do things.  Enjoy and Happy Spring. 


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